Kiwi-106: Sound Demo 1 now on Sound Cloud

A compilation of the demonstration performances by Syntegrator and David C. Lovelace recorded during the 2014 NAMM show.

If it's wicked shredding, it's Dave, if it's simple notes held on or a particularly evil 8th note bassline, it's the Kiwi-106 Sequencer as programmed by Syntegrator.

The patches played are from the Syntegrator Sound Set, soon to be posted to

Rosso Corsa Records - Powers up with Kiwi-106

Rosso Corsa records has just outfitted their studio with a Syntegrator reconditioned Kiwi-106.

Rosso Corsa Records specializes in Outrun Electro, Synthwave and Chillwave in dedication to the 1980s. Check out their catalog at

Packrat's Gear: The Kiwi has landed ...In Connecticut.

Dave C. Lovelace has revised his gear pages to reflect the upgraded status of his 'true love' Juno-106:

Dave says: "... [it's] the most impressive conjoined hardware & software mod I have ever seen: the KIWI-106 upgrade, turning this solid 4-star vintage plaything into a bona-fide 5-star world-crusher."

Thanks for the awesome review, Dave!

[Kiwi-106 Website Users] Version 1.03 of Kiwi-106 firmware and Vyzex Kiwi-106 editor now posted.

Version 1.03 of the Kiwi-106 firmware and Vyzex Kiwi-106 Editor have now been posted for download.

This firmware and editor software update adds VELOCITY SENSITIVITY to the Kiwi-106 Sequencer and Sequence editor, a very cool feature!

The download pages have been updated to host the new versions.

When you first run the new Vyzex editor, it will scan your Kiwi-106 firmware and begin the Firmware Update Wizard.

Kiwi-106 Upgrade - Step 2

The details of de-soldering the original Juno-106 voice assigner chip, soldering in the Kiwi-106 interface sockets, mounting said interface board into the sockets, soldering the voice assigner chip into the swap-back board, installing the upgraded voice board into the Juno-106 and finally performing the optional LED brightness modification.

Syntegrator says "Feel free to skim this one when you hit a dull patch - It's certainly not what I'd call an action-packed thrill-ride... ;-)"