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Upgrading your Juno-106 to Kiwi status involves two parts: Replace the original CPU board with the Kiwi-106 upgrade board, and service the original Voice board to work with the new CPU board.

The first part is easy, simply order your Kiwi-106 upgrade from Kiwitechnics. When it arrives you can easily swap out the upgrade CPU board for the original CPU board using only a Phillips screwdriver.

The second part involves a qualified technician. The Assigner chip on the Voice Board needs to be removed and replaced with sockets for the Kiwi-106 I/O interface board that comes with the upgrade package. While you are having this work done you should have all six filter chips taken out, resin-stripped, pinned and socket mounted. If any of your filter chips crackle, buzz or fail to pass audio, these should be replaced with either reconditioned originals or modern replacements at this time. Your reconditioned voice board should then be calibrated using an oscilloscope and the stripped filter chips verified with a 20 hour burn-in period and retesting.

We understand that most Juno-106 players are not interested in performing surgery on their synth and would much rather be making music with it. We also get it that not everyone lives near a synthesizer service company that is also a stocked Kiwitechnics dealer. This is why the Kiwi Installer's Network is here.


  1. Select the Installers Network member as close to your location as possible (to avoid duties and other import fees), and contact them via links below.
  2. Arrange to ship your Juno-106 voice board to the Installer and set up payment for services according to the price list below. You will be invoiced electronically this amount, for payment when work is to begin on your received voice board.
  3. Purchase your Kiwi-106 upgrade online from Kiwitechnics. There will be options in the checkout process to whether you are having a member of the Installers Network perform the voice board upgrade service or not, so check that option and indicate which Installer is handling the work at that time.
  4. The installer will have the required Kiwitechnics voice board upgrade parts already on hand: These will be used to service your voice board when it arrives. All members of the Voice Board service target a 1-2 week turnaround between receipt of the voice board and its ship out to you, but you will need to work the details with your installer up-front. The installer may have other jobs in the queue ahead of yours or might be waiting on replacement parts, so communication is key here.
  5. When your Kiwi-106 upgrade arrives from New Zealand, it will consist of the CPU board, ribbon connector, optional LED jumper kit, metal front rail badges and packing list. You can install it in your Juno-106 right away.
  6. When your serviced, calibrated, and fully tested voice board arrives from the Installer, you can easily put it back in your Juno-106 and connect the ribbon connector between the CPU board and Voice Board.
  7. Close the lid and power on your upgraded and calibrated Kiwi-106!

OPTIONAL: If your front panel board has jumpy/missing faders or has switch/button issues, you can also send your Juno-106 panel board in for reconditioning/upgrade service by the Installer Network Member. They will also install the optional LED jumper mod for you.


Voice Filter Chip Full Reconditioning: Stripping, pinning, socket mounting and testing (a 20 hour burn-in) of 6 voice chips: $235 USD / 170 EUR
In case of a voice chip beyond repair, the owner can buy a reconditioned original voice chip or modern replacement filter chip from the Installer (prices subject to market forces) or direct from a recognized 3rd party supplier such as Analogue Renaissance. The Installer will use a reference set of these same chips to perform calibration and testing with if the owner decides to order any replacement voice chips direct from the 3rd party manufacturer. For reliability and quality assurance purposes, Installer Network members must recondition all 6 voice chips on your voice board.

Kiwi-106 Voice Board Upgrade: Assigner CPU de-soldering, Swap-Back mounting, Voice Board socket soldering and I/O board mount: $80 USD / 60 EUR.
NOTE: This service must be accompanied by Kiwi-106 & optional Swap-Back Bundle direct purchase from Kiwitechnics.

Voice Board Calibration: All voice board calibration steps. Requires you to have a properly biased the power supply in your Juno-106 (you'll need a multimeter and a screwdriver): $100 USD / 80 EUR.

Panel Board Reconditioning & Repair: Fader cleaning and replacement of microswitches (touch buttons): $140 USD / 100 EUR.
Cost of tact switch parts is included. In case of a slider beyond repair, the owner can buy a reconditioned original slider or NOS (New Old Stock) slider from the Installer (prices subject to market forces).

Panel-106 Kit (By Syntegrator): Complete set of tact switches & red LEDs for Juno-106 front panel: $30 USD, installation $70 USD

Slider-106 Kit (by Syntegrator): A full set of 16 new front panel sliders plus 3 new bender block sliders: $160 USD, installation $70 USD

Replacement fader dust cover & installation: Slider Cover-106 Kit (by Syntegrator) $30 USD, installation $20 USD

All Panels Rebuild (By Syntegrator): Panel-106, Slider-106 and Slider Cover-106 bundle: $200 USD, installation $140 USD



The geographical areas shown below are not territories. Feel free to arrange for any one of the installers to work on your synth regardless of where you are located.

Americas (Canada): Syntegrator

Americas (USA - Los Angeles Area): LASYNTHCO

Americas (USA - Chicago Area): Laurentide SynthWorks

Europe (Poland):


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Want to reach Syntegrator as well. Bad Link!

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    Hi Syntegrator.

    Could u send me please your presets? they r so cool.   i know i can build lots of presets with the collider, but would really like starting   to work with your sound and let them get in the collider with all the new upgrades of the holy kiwi.

    Dani Hansen.

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Hi, would like to join the installer list, but didn't find any contact email on the website. We are a technical service specialized in analog gear, and a Kiwitechnics and Analog Renaissance dealer based in Spain. We've restored lots of Juno-106, installed many Kiwi-106 upgrades (we have them in stock), we sell refurbished 80017a VCF/VCA chips and new clones as well, brand new sliders, wood sidepanels, install blue leds/display, clear bender backlighted, etc. We also have Juno-106s for sale we can customize.

Kind regards,