Velocity Keybed Transplant

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Velocity Keybed Transplant

I remember hearing Syntegrator mention in one of his videos that maybe a velocity sensitive keybed from the JX8P or Juno 2 could be modded into the Kiwi 106. I have a JX8P right now and am highly considering this if it's a straight forward procedure. Has anyone tried this yet?

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I'd also be very interested

I'd also be very interested to hear any helpful information on this topic. With such a transplant, playing the Juno would be even more incredible.  



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Transplant? Yikes!

Hi guys,

As Syntegrator I have said a number of speculative things, but I don't think I ever said that was possible - I probably WISHED out loud that it was possible, or maybe the video was from so far back that I actually didn't know how difficult it would be to hack a velocity keybed into the Juno-106.

The only way I can think of doing this would be to get a 5-octave MIDI controller keyboard and transplant it into the 106, routing the MIDI output from the controller into a MIDI merge connected to the MIDI IN (the other port on the MIDI merge would serve as the MIDI IN for the editor and external DAWs). It would be messy, but it would be do-able.

On the other hand, use the 106 with a master keyboard controller that transmits velo sensitivity and you get it all from the Kiwi-106. In version 2 of the firmware, each patch can be set up to use velocity data to modulate the VCA and VCF independently, so you can have old-school fixed velocity patches, and expressive velocity sensitive patches just a button click away from each other.





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