Is MAC just not really supported? What is KWI's stake the 106 Editor?!?

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Is MAC just not really supported? What is KWI's stake the 106 Editor?!?

I think Kiwi needs to come out and say, "We have nothign to do with the Kiwi-106 interface development

and just take it as is."  I have not had direct confirmation but it seems 100% clear that these are seperate entites 

saying: "An interface would be great to help sell our product, but lets not properly fund its creation".

I am assuming there is not solid MAC OS developer on the team, but if KIWI and the Vyzex KIWI-106 interface are

not dependent on each other, this should be delcared by both parties so people are not confused when it does not work correctly. IE it should be well known to be just BETA products.

This is NOT malicous, were just having tons of issues and want some clarification to avoid confusion. 

Psicraft Designs
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Mac support

Hi Vert,

Tony from Psicraft Designs, here. I am also Syntegrator on YouTube. I helped Kiwitechics design the features of Kiwi-106 and developed the free editor which we released as a cross-platform application in 2013 with full support for Mac and Windows.

The editor does a lot of real-time rendering of the sequencer states, and these require GPU hardware acceleration. The issues you are having are almost certainly to do with Apple's dropping of Carbon library features in the last few years. Unlike Microsoft who remain fully backwards compatible, a lot of the editor's capability on mac has been degraded on El Capitan and onwards by the disabling of GPU rendering acceleration and other performance details on Apple's side. Apple has a financial interest in driving users to newer machines and also older applications into their app store as updates, and this is only one of their strategies on this front in my opinion.

The inclusion of the Vyzex Kiwi-106 editor as a free application in 2013  (from THIS webstite, not the Kiwitechnics website) was well received as a fantastic extra for a high-value hardware product. I have always given of my time and energy to evangelize both the upgrade and our free editor, and my company Psicraft Designs has always planned to support the Kiwi product line with retail editors supporting the latest OS versions going forward. Unfortunately, in the last few years I've had to allocate my dev time to other products and services to stay in business.

My advice is for you to either boot an earlier version of Mac OS when using the editor, or to use BootCamp to run the windows version of the editor on your newer Mac. Another source of issues is (as mentioned frequently in the manuals and in posts online) is often the choice of USB MIDI interface. As we've said, M-Audio UNO/MIdiSport, & Roland/Edirol/Cakewalk UM model interfaces are recommended for the best results, although other USB interfaces such as those made by Yamaha and Korg have also been found to work well.

I will take the time to help you with specifics if I can. Post here and we'll see what can be done.





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