What's included in the Kiwi-106 Upgrade?

The Kiwi-106 upgrade contains:

1. Kiwi-106 Main CPU Board: This replaces the original main board which you can safely store in the Kiwi-106 shipping carton. Includes new plastic stand-offs.

2. Kiwi-106 Voice Daughter Board: This board (with milled sockets) replaces the voice assigner chip on the Juno-106 voice board, which you can mount on the (optional) Swap-Back Board accessory in order to provide a way back to 1985 whenever you like.

3. Ribbon Connector: Bridges the Main CPU board and Daughter Board, allowing the Kiwi-106 CPU to perform voice assignment duties in addition to its other many functions.

4. Metal KIWI-106 and Kiwitechnics name plates: For affixing to your instrument in any place you like.

The optional Swap-Back Board is available as a bundle with the Kiwi-106, giving you the ability to reverse the upgrade any time your musical inspiration calls for a 'genuine' Juno-106. The Swap-Back Board 'future-proofs' the original Juno-106 voice assigner chip by making it a socket compatible alternative to the Kiwi-106 Voice Daughter Board. Consequently, your Kiwi-106 upgrade can swapped back for the original hardware and later re-installed as your musical needs require.

In addition to the hardware, the Kiwi-106 upgrade also includes the freely downloadable Vyzex Kiwi-106 advanced instrument editor/librarian for Windows and Mac. Download the latest version HERE.