What brand USB MIDI Interface should I use?

Kiwi-106 and its Vyzex editor require a high quality MIDI connection between them: The USB MIDI Interface you plug into your computer is a critical component of this connection, and must be able to have arbitrarily large MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) messages delivered at consistently high data rates. A cheap $5 USB cable with almost no circuitry on-board will probably not be up to these requirements. Similarly, the MIDI ports on the back of even a high quality USB Audio interface may not be up to the challenge, mainly in this case because the manufacturer only tested rigorously with MIDI Note and other performance data (rather than SysEx) before releasing it.

Psicraft Designs has tested and certifies the following brands for use with our Vycro, Vyzex and Vyzor editors:

Dedicated USB MIDI Interfaces
Cakewalk: UM-ONE (Early serial numbers may have trouble - Ensure yours is over SN B0B0528 to be absolutely sure it is ok), UM-ONE MK2, UM-1, UM-2G, UM-3G
Edirol: UM-1EX, UM-2EX, UM-3EX
Roland: UM-550, UM-880,

M-Audio: UNO, MidiSport 1x1, MidiSport 2x2, MidiSport 4x4

MOTU: micro lite, MIDIXpress XT (Early serial numbers may have trouble. Test it first), FastLane USB

Yamaha: UX16

USB Audio Interfaces with included MIDI ports
Edirol UA-25
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (WARNING: Not good for firmware update functions. Use a Roland when in doubt!)
PreSonus AudioBox USB

NOTE: These interfaces are only as good as their driver support - If your OS version is not supported with an up-to-date driver then do not purchase the MIDI interface in question.