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Vyzex Kiwi-106 1.03 for Mac Download

NOTE: This download is for version 1.03, available for users who prefer the original firmware and editor version. We recommend you install version 2.01 for maximum power!


Here is the Vyzex Kiwi-106 installer for Mac, Version 1.03.

This is a protected download: You don't need to be a registered Kiwi-106 owner to access it, but you DO need to register with this site and provide an email address so our faithful robot can email you the download link.


*** VERSION 1.03b *** Repackaged Feb 14, 2014 as version b

Changed: Permissions fix to permit installation of firmware files on Standard user account.

Built Jan 20, 2014

Vyzex Editor

Added in this version:

1. Velocity editing in Sequences: Requires included v1.03 Firmware UPDATE be applied before attempting to use in the editor!

2. MIDI Panic function added to MIDI menu.

Fixed in this version:

1. Incorrect version key in v1.02 misreported as 1.01, confusing check for updates function. Fixed.

2. Editor not changing groups when group selection changed on front panel. Fixed.

3. Kiwi-106 Firmware Expansion to Sequencer now supports Velocity values for each note. Very cool!

Please let us know on the forum if you have any issues downloading or unpacking it. In the past we've seen users of older browsers run into troubles, so if this happens to you try a different browser or update the one you have.


The Psicraft Designs and Kiwitechnics Teams