Kiwi-106 Version 2.01 Now Released

Here is the Vyzex Kiwi-106 User's Guide, rewritten for the Version 2.01 firmware and editor. It explains a lot about the Kiwi-106 hardware upgrade in a friendly and intiuitve way, presenting the information in a tutorial style interspersed with geek commentary. This is the first place you should look if you are wondering about the Kiwi-106 upgrade and/or the new Version 2.01 firmware we've just released: User's Guide

If you are ready to update your Kiwi-106 firmware and editor to Version 2.01, here are the download links:

Windows: Download

Mac: Download

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If the editor's Firmware Updater Wizard skips the Bootloader update because your Kiwi-106 is already running v2.00 of the bootloader, you should use the red 'Choose and Transmit' button to select and send the K106_Boot_v200.SYX file before transmitting the program update SYX file. Some v2.00 to v2.01 updaters have had issues when updating only the program SYX, so override the editor's streamlining and manually send the boot update from the program update page.

On the firmware side, here's a bullet list of the V2 changes:

  1.  New Seq Control modes, Seq dynamics & Seq transpose modes - use the editor to set these up
  2.  Increase bender scan rate to reduce stepping and fix bender range
  3.  Arp operation changed to rescan keys every step
  4.  Fix MidiCC Sending/Receiving bug
  5.  Change Midi operation so that Mod Wheel always sends when MidiCC Send is disabled
  6.  Remove Seq Delay load. Seqs now load immediately they are selected
  7.  Adjust test program for accurate filter calibration
  8.  Dynamics Control moved from Global to Tone
  9.  Poly Portamento added
  10.  Tap timer added - displayed as BPM
  11.  LFO Sync added
  12.  Internal Clock speed displayed as BPM
  13.  Duplicate sysex dump buttons from Bank to Patch buttons for new overlay
  14.  Change clock system to suit new clock map. Master clock & Arp/Seq dividers. 
  15.  The master clock can be separately divided for the Arp, Seq & LFO (sync option) Pattern clock can use Arp or Seq clock output as a source
  16.  Midi Bend and internal Bend will override each other - they used to add

On the editor side, there are too many expansions & new features to list without this post looking like a tax form, so I am going to once again suggest anyone interested download the V2 update installer for their operating system and check out the Vyzex Kiwi-106 v2 User's Guide.


Here's the ReadMe.txt for v2.01 of the Vyzex Editor:

********* VERSION 2.01 ********
*                                              *
Built July 22, 2015

Release notes: 

 Fixed in this version: 

   1. Firmware bug affecting VCF cutoff frequency and associated parameters. Resolved.

   2. 2015 Voice Block/Swap pop-up interfering with 1985 ENV 1 Slider. Resolved.

 Added/changed in this version:  

   1. Firmware Update Wizard skips bootloader update when bootloader is at required level.

   2. KEYBED LOCAL CONTROL 'On Launch' parameter added to Global editor.

   3. Vyzex Kiwi-106 User's Guide expanded to include Firmware Update Wizard enhancements and Local Control Option.


BT's Kiwi-106

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